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Link2Forms provides Act! users with an easy to use online "Forms" or "lead capture" tool as part of the Book2act product Suite.

Unlike other 3rd party add-ons, Link2Forms is the only one to write directly to the database using the WebAPI, meaning it can be used with hosted databases, Act! Connect, and even the new Act! CRM SaaS.

Link2Forms allows you to create easy mobile-friendly forms to harvest many types of data from customers, such as Newsletter Sign-up, Service or Quote Requests, Online Surveys, Membership Feedback, polling, elections, you name it.

The best part is Link2Forms is completely integrated with Act!, with incisive online reporting capability that provides you the visibility you need to interpet and respond to customer feedback effectively and quickly. 

And nothing get's missed with Link2Forms as you're alerted immediately after each submission, with a breakdown of their individual form responses. The process is simple.

  • Go to, click on the Forms tab and create a Form
  • Give your form a name, and map as many of the contact primary fields as you wish, and then create additional unmapped fields related to your form
  • Select an Activity type to create the apprioriate History in Act! (we recommend creating an activity in Act! called "Forms" with the outcomes "Form Completed" and "Form Not Completed".
  • When you click Save, the new Form will automatically create a SubGroup in Act! under the parent Group Forms, to help you better track those completing your form
  • A unique URL is then created for your form, and you can post it in any digital space you manage (ie. website, blog, community page, forums, etc.) and promote them by email, as well
  • Each person responds by clicking on this link, bringing them to the form page you've formatted and designed. They'll be prompted to complete all the required fields, and when complete, they click "Submit" and a confirmation email will be sent to both the contact and the organizer confirming their submission.
  • Link2Forms then checks the email address in your database, and if there is a match, a History is created that is linked to the existing Contact, and if there isn't, the contact is created and then linked to the History.
    And this all happens instantly
  • The History of that Contact is updated with a "Completed Form", and the regarding will include the form name, and the Details section will include a line by line summary of all their answers.
  • The beauty of this workflow is in the simplicity. Our online reporting tool will allow you to harvest the results and display them in KPI, Bar Chart or Line Gragh format illustrating a breakdown of the total responsess.
  • What's more, you can use Act!'s History List to immediately filter by date range and subject to analyse the individual responses to a particular form.
  • As mentioned ealier, to make follow-ups even easier, Link2Forms creates a Group for each form and then adds those that respond to the fomr to that group.
    You'll see the group populate on it's own, and you'll have instant visibility on whose participating, and what the results are. 
  • You can even trigger additional workflow off these groups, such as adding them to AMA campaigns for additional nurture marketing

That's it.

The Link2Forms web console allows you to easily edit Forms on the fly, duplicate them for similar future Forms, and even copy the form URL without drilling into the actual Form details.

You can delete an online Form at any time, and the results will remain safe in your Act! database.

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Act! v24 (32/64-bit), Act! v23 (32-bit), Act! v21 (64-bit), Act! v24 (64-bit), Act! v25 (64-bit)
Act! for Web, Act! for Windows
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