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Link2Forms provides Act! users with an easy to use online "Forms" or "lead capture" tool as part of the Book2act product Suite.

Unlike other 3rd party add-ons, Link2Forms is the only one to write directly to the database using the WebAPI, meaning it can be used with hosted databases, Act! Connect, and even the new Act! CRM SaaS.

Link2Forms allows you to create easy mobile-friendly forms to harvest many types of data from customers, such as Newsletter Sign-up, Service or Quote Requests, Online Surveys, Membership Feedback, polling, elections, you name it.

The best part is Link2Forms is completely integrated with Act!, with incisive online reporting capability that provides you the visibility you need to interpet and respond to customer feedback effectively and quickly. 

And nothing get's missed with Link2Forms as you're alerted immediately after each submission, with a breakdown of their individual form responses.

The Link2Forms web console allows you to easily edit Forms on the fly, duplicate them for similar future Forms, and even copy the form URL without drilling into the actual Form details.

You can delete an online Form at any time, and the results will remain safe in your Act! database.

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Act! Premium Cloud, Act! v24 (32/64-bit), Act! v23 (32-bit)
Act! for Web, Act! for Windows
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Self-service installation

Paid for technical support available at additional cost direct from developer